Facebook Discontinues App Support For Blackberry OS Including BB10

While BlackBerry OS still stands out as a really cool OS especially with it’s low subscription cost for data, it’s sad to know that the OS is quietly going down the drain.

Couple of weeks back, WhatsApp announced that it would discontinue support for the BlackBerry operating system including its much improved BB10 OS. While that still comes as a shock, Facebook itself is following suit.

facebook stops support for blackberry OS

Yes, WhatsApp is also owned by Facebook and that could explain the apps choosing to discontinue support for the OS. However, it wouldn’t be out of place to state that the available of essential apps is what makes an OS survive the mobile world.

Point is, Facebook will discontinue its app support for BlackBerry phones including the BB10 OS on the 31st of March. Instead, the app will be replaced with a web app. Hence,Facebook isn’t totally closing in on the BB platform, however, what users will get is a web app linking to Facebook web instead of a naive app.

Blackberry’s idea of sticking with android OS is apparently, one of the best way to staying in the business but then, these apps closing it’s support for the platform is dragging the name ‘blackberry’ through the mud. My opinion though!

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