Man Buys iPhone In Computer Village But Gets Nokia With Antenna – See Photos

Computer village is one of the most popular places you can get smartphones, computers and other gadgets in Lagos State, Nigeria. While the place is the most resort for people looking for phones, most people are often defrauded there.

I mean, we have heard series of stories in regards this market place. Latest report has it that a man went to the market to buy an iPhone and on-getting home, he realizes he had been given a Nokia phone with Antenna instead of the iPhone he paid for.

You can see images of the supposed iPhone turn Nokia below:

iphone turn nokia iphone turn nokia picture 2 iphone turn nokia image 3 iphone turn nokia4

You wonder how this is possible? Well, haven’t you heard real stories of how some people buy a phone in the market and even-though the phone was properly tested before they paid, on-getting home, they find fufu or other things inside the phone. Same trick applies.

This is why it is highly recommended that you go with someone who understands phones and possibly understand how this things work when going to the market to shop for a phone.

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