New Samsung AD Shows Lil Wayne Pouring Champagne On The Galaxy S7

While surfing through Facebook some few minutes back, I stumbled on a new Samsung AD which seemed very fascinating and thought it wise to share.

The New Video AD shows Rapper Lil Wayne pouring champagne on the newly unveiled Samsung Galaxy S7.


Lil Wayne was like, whaaaaaaaaaa, I could pour this champagne on my phone and it still work. While still pouring the champagne on the phone, a call came in and he answered and said ‘Kenny, am about to put you in the fish tank’. He puts the phone in the fish tank for a few seconds and immediately takes it out.

A friend who was with him tried doing same with his phone and the phone gave some spanks and probably stopped working. Lil Wayne told him he couldn’t do it with his phone and he passed another Samsung Galaxy S7 phone to him and they both starting pouring champagne on the phones with the word ‘whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’.

This reminds me of Tmobile’s unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S7 phone which was done under water.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are both waterproofed. However, Samsung says that water resistant is up to 5 feet of water and device can stay for about 30 minutes. Device should be dried after being wet.

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