See The Official Price Of The Tecno Boom J8 Phone

While the Tecno boom J8 isn’t the only device the brand has released so far this year being 2016, it is gaining more grounds than the DroiPad 7c Pro which was launched a few weeks back.

Over the last few weeks, we have often seen leaked images of boom J8 as well as leaked specs of the device and most readers has it that the brand copied designs from the iPhone.

Some publications have even received the device for a review and most of the phone specs has been confirmed. However, what haven’t been confirmed before now is the price of the device and thankfully, we just got a confirmed report on that.

Price of Tecno Boom J8 In Nigeria

According to 3C HUB which announced via it’s Facebook page that the device is currently on pre-order, the Tecno Boom J8 will be sold for around N41,000 when it is available to the public in April.

tecno boom j8 price

3C HUB further went ahead to confirm that the Tecno J8 is available for display in it’s store at ikeja, Lagos so that intending buyers can have a first hard feel and usage of the device. The company also mentioned that from today being 24th of March, shoppers can get the device from it’s store at ikeja however, that claim hasn’t been confirmed by us yet.

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