These Are The Top 100 Free Proxy Sites / Server List 2016 For Bypassing Blocked Websites

When it comes to surfing the internet from a public computer or a computer at work, school or other places with public internet access, you may have come across some blocked websites. By blocked websites, I mean you not being able to access some certain sites.

Usually, you get the error ‘Access Denied’ or ‘Site is blocked’ when you try accessing some certain websites. If you are looking at bypassing these restrictions, the best bet will be via the use of proxy sites or proxy servers.

Top proxy server list 2016 for bypassing websites

Here on this post, we are providing you with the top 100 free proxy sites / proxy servers to allow you access block websites on a public internet connection.

Top 100 Free Proxy Sites / Proxy server list 2016

Unlock My Web –
Proxify –
Hidester Free Anonymous Web Proxy – and
FilterByPass –
Hide My Ass –
Free YouTube Proxy –
Proxy Site –
Unblocker –
England Proxy –
New IP Now –
Fast USA Proxy –
Anonymouse –
Anony Mizer –
Hidden Digital Info –
K Proxy –
Don’t Filter –
Working Proxy –
Prox Me Call Me Names –
Change IP & Country –
VTunnel –
Rapid Proxy –
Ninja Cloak –
DeFilter –
Quick Proxy –
The Best Proxy –
Free Proxy Server –
Free You Proxy Tube –
Just Proxy –
Remove Filters –
UK-Proxy –
Hide The Internet –
Web Proxy Free –
World Cup Proxy –
Greatest Free Proxy –
View YouTube –
Monster Proxy –
Proxy Internet –
FB Proxies –
America Proxy –
Brazil Proxy –
See Proxy –
Surf Proxy –
Fish Proxy –
Proxy 4 Freedom –
PK Proxy –
Your Proxy –
Me Hide –
Proxy This –
PHP Proxy –
4Ever Proxy –
KProxy Site –
Surf For Free –
Intern Cloud –
Pro Intern –
Host App –
Hide N Seek –
Push Proxy –
Free Publick Proxy –
Cool Proxy –
Hope Proxy –
Safe Proxy –
Private Surf –
Proxy Tube –
Free Open Proxy –
Fast Time –
Proxy Power –
Web Surf –
You Server –
SSL Proxy –
Stealth Proxy –
Network Bypass –
Europe Proxy –
Work Host –
Singapore Proxy –
Xite Now –
Go Proxy –
Zacebook – hppt://
King Surf Proxy –
US Proxy –
US Proxies –
Zalmos Web Proxy –
Suede Proxy –
Proxay –
Proxy 2014 –
Sporium –
Unblock YouTube at School –
Saoudi Proxy –
Jezus Loves this Proxy –
DeFilter –
Rapid Proxy –
Extreme Proxy Sites –
Crazy proxy –
Proxy One –
Stardoll Proxy –
IP Switcher –
See Proxy –
Canada Proxy –
Hide My Trax proxy – htpp://
Proxy 2015 –

How Proxy Sites / Server Works?

A proxy server is a computer that offers a computer network service to allow clients to make indirect network connections to other network services. A client connects to the proxy server, then requests a connection, file or other resource available on a different server.

How free proxy server sites works

What this simply entails is that, when a client make a request to access a particular website (that may be blocked), the proxy server serves as an intermediary thereby forwarding your request to the target server and fetches the requested resource thus allowing you to access the requested website.

Please note that not all proxy websites are safe to use as some contains malware, virus and many more may end up stealing your personal information. However, the proxy server lists up above are safe to use. Nonetheless, it is advisable not to use your credit card details when using any of the proxy sites above.

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