WhatsApp Beta For Windows Phone Gets Updated With Already Existing Features

Saying that WhatsApp beta app for windows phone gets updated with already existing features sounds pretty confusing right? Well, I’d explain that to you.

When it comes to WhatsApp on mobile platforms, windows platform have been lacking behind. The app is still currently on beta stage for some windows phone users.

Whatsapp beta for windows gets updated

Couple of weeks back, the ability to send PDF document was added to WhatsApp for android and iOS users. That same ability is just being rolled out to windows phone now. While that may be new for windows phone users, it’s quite old to android and iOS users.

attach document files on whatsapp for windows phone

Another feature that was brought about by the update is an improvement to the process of video compression. While the beta version is still available to some limited windows phone users, recent indications has it that the app will likely be available to all windows phone users soon.

Windows phone users who are currently using WhatsApp can navigate to the windows store to update the app. Other windows phone users who currently do not have the WhatsApp application on their phone can have it via the link HERE.

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