WhatsApp Update Now Supports PDF Document File Sharing On iOS and Android

Whatsapp seem to be putting in a lot of efforts to its app lately. I mean, a couple of weeks back, the service increased its group members limit to 256 amongst other new features.

Whatsapp document update

The service just introduced the ability to send documents. However, only PDF files is allowed to be shared to other WhatsApp contacts at the moment. Only android and iOS users who have updated to the latest version can enjoy this new feature. Windows phone users are currently left behind as well as Blackberry users.

Whatsapp document sharing feature

No information has be confirmed as to whether or not other documents sharing support will be introduced in the future. However, for now, PDF files is the only way to go.

Not only the new file sharing support was introduced in the new update, a design tweak for browsing photos as well as videos has been introduced. Wallpaper options allowing users to select from solid colors as against patterns and designs have also been introduced.

The update is currently available on Android and iOS. Hence, if you want to explore what’s new, head over to the playstore or app store app and choose to update.

While WhatsApp on iOS and android has attained a reasonable height, the app on windows phone just got an update which brings about support for tap and hold to record video with the in-app camera, faster in-app camera captures and over 100 new emoji.

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