BBM For Android Gets Updated With BBM Video Chat Although Still In Beta

BBM was Blackberry’s own treasure until it went cross platform. All these while, Android and iOS users were able to enjoy same BBM app service except for BBM video call.

Thankfully, Blackberry has rolled out BBM video call support for android users but the service is still currently in beta stage.

bbm video call for android

iOS users are not left out as BBM says the video call feature will be hinting the app store sooner than you expect.

If you’ve rushed up to update the BBM app but still can’t make BBM video calls, relax, the service is currently in beta and is only available in Canada and US. A full roll out is coming soon to other regions.

More so, there are some vital key-points to note. BlackBerry says the BBM video call support is only available to android phones running android KitKat (4.4) upwards and iOS devices running iOS 8 upwards.

Blackberry also noted that Video calls from a Blackberry 10 phone to an iOS or android cannot be initiated. Instead, users can use the BBM voice service and vice versa.

It was also noted that Android can only initiate BBM video calls to iOS and vice versa. Same way BlackBerry 10 users can only make BBM video calls to BlackBerry 10 uses.

Asus phones and any other mobile device powered by an Intel chipset are currently not supported and can therefore, not use the BBM video call service.

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