BBM Retract and Timed Messages Features Are Now Free

BBM as a mobile messaging app, can be termed as the more secured than WhatsApp. Yes! I have my reasons.

The Retract and timed features were introduced on BBM sometime in November 2014 and a few months after, they became paid features.

This has been so until recently, Facebook decides to discontinue support as well as WhatsApp soon. And in a bid to keeping users more clued to BBM messaging app, Blackberry has decided to make the premium features completely free for all users.

Just a quick recap as to what the feature entails, the retract feature basically allows you take back an already ‘sent’ message. Sight for example, you were supposed to send a message to your lover and you mistakenly sent it to your boss. With the retract feature, you can quickly take back that message so that your boss wouldn’t read it. Of course, the retract feature is only useful if your boss hasn’t read your message yet.

Timed messages on the other hand, basically allows you set a timer to a message. What this means is, if you set a message to be view-able for only 10 seconds, when the time elapses, the receiver won’t be able to view the message again. This certainly gives room for more privacy on the app. Good thing is, these features are now free.

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  • I don’t know but I don’t find BBM interesting, I’ve uninstalled it from my phone. But thumbs up to them for that

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