Blackberry Will Be Launching Two Mid-Range Android Phones This Year

In a bid to keeping the brand alive in the mobile world, BlackBerry recently went the android way with the launch of it’s first android smartphone known as the Priv.

Blackberry Priv smartphone

While the Priv got quite a lot of attention to the extent BlackBerry decided to stick with android, it didn’t perform well in sales as expected. According to Blackberry’s recent report, the company sold about 600,000 units in the last quarter and no figure was delegated to the Priv alone.

The company’s CEO, John Chen confirmed that the low sale turn out is as a result of the company starting off with an high end android smartphone with quite an expensive price tag.

The fact that we came out with a high end phone [as our first Android device] was probably not as wise as it should have been.

The smartphone was launched with a price tag of around $700 costing over N200,000 in Nigeria. That’s around same price the Samsung Galaxy S7 duo is being sold in Nigeria. If you were to choose, would you rather go for the Priv or the Galaxy S7?

In a bid to staying relevant, in an interview with the National, Blackberry’s CEO, John Chen disclosed that the company is working on launching two mid-range android phones this year. The price tag should be within $400 and $500.

blackberry mid range smartphones

Code-named to be ROME and Hamburg, one will sport a physical keyboard as seen on the PRIV while the other will have a full touchscreen display like traditional android phones.

Just a quick reminder, sometime last year, it was rumored that blackberry is working on a smartphone code-named as Vienna. That was the last time we heard about that device.

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