You Can Now Pick Up Your NTEL Sim Cards In Abuja

Weeks after NTEL announced that it has commenced service in Lagos and Abuja, the company has finally announced that residents in Abuja can now pick up their sims at a specific location in Abuja.

ntel sim card pick up point in Abuja

This announcement was made today via the company’s social media pages urging residents in Abuja to visit Transcorp Hilton in other to pick up their reserved NTEL number sims. According to unverified sources, the NTEL sim card cost around N350.

Residents in Lagos do not have a disclosed location yet as to where the NTEL sim cards can be picked up from.

While the move is good, I personally think NTEL ain’t planning well. Since its official announcement a few weeks back, and intending users constantly seeking answers to their questions, the company is just giving information as to where the SIMs can be picked up from.

This is currently only limited to residents in Abuja. Lagosians cannot pick up the SIMs yet. There is only one pick up point in Abuja hence, you can imagine the queue.

We can only hope residents in Lagos will be having a pick up point soon and we are hoping on NTEL to make that possible the soonest they can and hopefully, they’d please introduce different pick up centers.

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  • Imagine the ojoro. It means most if not all of the first 100,000 customers to register their Sim will be from Abuja. They are the ones that will enjoy free onnet calls for life… That’s unfare. This shows how shady ntel would be in future. If they are starting their operation in an unjust manner.. Naija my country

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