Facebook Messenger Now Supports Group Calls With Up To 50 Recipients

Facebook is improving it’s service and that of other products under it’s portfolio. I even hear they will be launching a Facebook camera app to enable users share pictures easily.

Anyway, this report is in regards Facebook Messenger app being updated to support group calls with up to 50 recipients. A group chat can turn into a VoIP group phone call at the tap of the phone icon on the screen.

The initiator of the group call can view the list of participants engaging in the conversation and can also remove participants from the group call by simply turning to the next page.

facebook messenger group call

According to Facebook Messenger Spokesman, this feature was introduced in other to aid those who wish they could do more than just typing. Having to type sometimes can be a pain in the butt and having to just talk could feel much better and much stress-free. With the group call feature, users can simply engage in group conversations using voice instead of typing.

In other to get this feature rolling on your device, you have to update the messenger app to it’s latest version and it is currently only available on iOS and Android platforms.

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  • please I want to ask a different question outside of this information you have just shared with us. please if I update rooted Android system software, is it possible for the update to crash it ? thanks

    • Stephen, if it’s an official update, it wouldn’t crash it as long as the phone wasn’t rooted before commencing the update.

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