Here’s How To Reach MTN Customer Care On WhatsApp

With WhatsApp being the most popular mobile messaging app and in a bid to making customer service much better, MTN has decided to leverage on the mobile messaging service.

Reach mtn customer care on whatsapp

MTN subscribers can now reach the MTN customer care center using WhatsApp. If having to call 180 is a big deal to you, this could come very much in handy.

Below are the MTN Customer Care Numbers On WhatsApp

  • 09033000001
  • 09033000002
  • 09033000003
  • 09033000004
  • 09033000005

Just add up any of the above numbers and if you have any issue or query regarding MTN service, simply send a message and of course, don’t expect a reply immediately.

MTN understands that users may want to mis-use the service by asking questions that could be considered annoying or talking about unrelated issues. Due to this, MTN has got reservations in regards blocking users who tend to engage in such acts. Hence, it would only be best you use the service when necessary.

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