Here’s The Revamped Instagram Design That May Be Hitting Your Devices Soon

Instagram, despite rolling out a few update over the last few weeks, isn’t relenting as a new design is currently been tested.

Just as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram recently said it was looking at changing the timeline display. Apparently, that didn’t go down well with most users as over 150,000 signed a petition against Instagram changing the post feed (timeline) algorithm. Not to worry, Instagram says changing the timeline display isn’t happening soon.

So, below is the revamped Instagram design that’s currently been tested.

testing instagram new look design

The design looks very different from the app’s traditional design we are currently used to and it sure looks like a much cleaner approach. This is currently being tested amongst a few users and may be hitting the stores for downloads soon.

In a statement by the company’s Spokesperson:

We often test new experiences with a small percentage of the global community. This is a design test only.

No doubt, the design looks minimalist which is a current trend. However, I won’t be surprised if some users constructs the design as being plain and boring. What do you think?

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