LeEco Isn’t Just Producing Phones, They Now Have A Super Bicycle With 4GB RAM

I am sure that by the title of this post, you are curious to knowing what the bicycle with 4GB of RAM is all about. Well, LeEco is calling it the Le super bike.

le super bike with 4GB RAM

If you are quite familiar with mobile trends, you may have heard of LeTV. LeTV is same brand as LeEco – just a name difference although the latter is what it’s being called now. The China-based company has got it’s hands on diverse things that are basically electronics and tech related. They offer streaming services, manufacture TV sets, smartphones, drones, and even manufactured a first generation electric vehicle which so far, has only been announced.

LeTV is also the first to produce 3 smartphones without the 3.5mm hands-free jack in 2016. These phones are the Le 2, Le 2 Pro, and Le Max 2.

The company is expanding it’s possibilities by building a bicycle referred to as Le Super Bike.

The Le Super Bike isn’t the regular bicycle as it indicates a clear mixture of a bicycle and technology. You get an android phone on the bike with which you can control most aspect of the bike. You also get navigation system on the bike as well as camera, music and volume controls, built-in speakers, laser beams showing on the road which is aimed at preventing drivers from getting too close. The Super bike is powered by a 1.3GHz processor and 4GB RAM and as earlier stated, an android phone with 4-inch display is mounted on the bike.

You can check out the Le Super Bike below as reviewed by Digital Trends.

Le Super Bike is currently available in China with a price tag of $800 and will likely make it’s way to other parts of the world soon starting with the US.

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