Specs Comparison : Infinix Hot 3 x554 vs Infinix Hot 2 x510

Infinix recently launched the hot 3 x554 smartphone into the Nigerian market and since then, the device has been getting mixed reaction.

The hot 3 smartphone is developed to be an advanced version of the hot 2 x510 phone which is Google’s first android one smartphone in Nigeria.

One of the most frequent questions we have been getting lately is ‘what is the difference between the infinix hot 3 and the infinix hot 2?‘. Another question would be which to go for. Now, just before we pour out our opinion on the subject matter, do take time to see through the specs comparison between both devices below:

Infinix Hot 3 x554 Main Specs

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Infinix Hot 2 x510 Main Specs

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If you’d like to see a more detailed side-by-side comparison between both devices, you can see the comparison page HERE.

As seen in the specs sheet above, the major difference between both devices would be the screen size which increased from 5.0inch to 5.5-inch. Although Infinix says the camera has been improved on the hot 3, the megapixels count are pretty much the same.

Another noticeable difference between both devices would be the price. While the hot 2 was launched with a price tag of N17,500 for the 1GB version in 2015, the hot 3 was launched with a price tag of N26,500 for the 1GB version in 2016.

If you currently own the infinix Hot 2 x510 and you are wondering whether or not to upgrade to the hot 3, in our honest opinion, there is no reason to upgrade. Except of course you are freaked by the hot 3 design which is also plastic.

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