YouTube Is Introducing Non-Skippable Bumper Ads To Mobile Videos

If you watch videos on YouTube and you are quite used to skipping ads immediately it hints the 5 seconds count, sorry we’ve got a not-so-good news.

Just before you get tensed, it isn’t so bad. Just one extra second of badass (if that makes any sense). Well, YouTube is introducing a new feature called BUMPER ADS. This bumper ads are non-skippable. That means, you will be forced to watching a 6 second video before watching the video that brought you to that page.

YouTube non-skippable bumper ads

Since you are probably so used to having to wait 5 seconds before skipping an ads to watch the main video, an extra 1 second shouldn’t hurt. Yeah?

Atlantic Records tested the new bumper ads feature by promoting the second album of a band called Rudimental. Below is what the 6 second video will look like and of course, the video did well by promoting the number of guest stars that appear on the album within a time frame of 6 seconds.

While this may not seem as a pleasant news to the consumers of videos on YouTube, it would certainly be a welcome idea to Google and the corporations looking to advertise on YouTube. The bumper ads, in my opinion, would sure give room for more creativity. C’mon, you have just 6 seconds to sell your brand lol.

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