Airtel Time Based and Night Plan Were Not ‘Entirely’ Discontinued, Just Price Changes

Airtel has launched quite a handful of data plans recently and two of them are the time-based unlimited browsing plan and night unlimited browsing plan.

The Airtel time-based plan, otherwise known as the pay as you go unlimited browsing plan, was launched late last year.

Couple of days back, there were reports that the plan has been discontinued. This came as a shocker to most users who opt in for the Airtel time based plan for heavy downloads.

However, the Airtel hourly plan wasn’t ‘entirely’ discontinued. Although some were, prices were also inflated.

Below is the current data plans Airtel Hourly bundle now offers:

Airtel time based data plans

As indicated in the image above, the 5mins plan for N15 and 10mins for N30 plan were discontinued. Also, adjustments were made to the night plan. The price for the 120mins night plan as well as the time based 30 mins and 60 mins plan have been inflated.

This certainly, won’t be a welcomed change to most users. At least, not this time when MTN has reduced most of it’s data plans. Hopefully, the future is bright in terms of data plans in Nigeria.

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  • The Airtel wants to make money this days is unbearable
    For each successful airtime transfer, you’re charged N10

    If you borrow airtime, subscribe for a data plan, the remaining balance will be deducted as if the customers won’t pay and now

    2 hours Night plan for N1,000.

  • Airtel dey craze ni?

    MTN was ‘codedly’ stealing from Nigerians but Airtel is engaging in broad daylight robbery

  • This is pure crazy!
    MTN is seriously reducing their data plan prices and Airtel is doing this?
    Thought they were supposed to be in competition?
    1k for just three hours of browsing? That is unheard of

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