Android Instant App Will Allow You Run Android Apps Without Installing Them

Couple of days back, Google had it’s I/O 2016 event which exclusively talked about new features being brought to the Android ecosystem. New features, products and services were discussed including the newly launched Allo and Duo apps which is essentially Google’s Smart messaging and video calling apps for android.

Outside that, the Android Install app was also introduced which basically tend to allow users run an android app without having to install the app. In my opinion, this is perhaps, the coolest news at the event.

how android instant app works

So, imagine if you need an app to just shop for a particular product and you are quite sure you won’t be using the app again for a very long time. Instead of downloading the app, you can still access the product and make the purchase easily just by using the url of the app.

An excerpt from the Android Developers blog, reads thus:

we’re sharing a preview of a new project that we think will change how people experience Android apps. We call it Android Instant Apps, and it evolves Android apps to be able to run instantly, without requiring installation. With Instant Apps, a tap on a URL can open right in an Android app, even if the user doesn’t have that app installed.

The feature isn’t currently available at the moment as Google says it will be launched soon (this year precisely). Another interesting thing is the fact that android users using smartphones running Android Jellybean OS upwards can be a part of the experience.

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