This Automated Selfie Stick Is Quite Ridiculous But Innovative

In a world where inventions are being brought to place regularly and girls are having much flair for selfie sticks, one can only wonder what the future of selfie sticks holds.

automated selfie stick with led lights and fan

Currently, you would agree that we are much familiar with selfie sticks that requires you using your hands in extending the length and possibly have not-so catchy features except a button on the selfie stick for taking shots.

Now, let me introduce you to something cool. Something I consider quite ridiculous but innovative. Yes, it’s an automated selfie stick. Being able to automate it isn’t the only cool features the selfie stick holds. How-about spicing it up with LED lights and automated fans? Now, that would bring about more stunning images and that’s what this automated selfie stick is all about.

Unfortunately, this may not be hitting the store shelves anytime soon. Not sure if it will ever hit the shelves. This is because the selfie stick was made for the purpose of a viral promo campaign for the upcoming season of the TV series UnREAL. Maybe, just maybe, if it turns out that most users are craving for the automated selfie stick, it may be pushed out to the market.

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