Check Out This Apple Watch Running Windows 95 OS [Video]

If you were born in the late 90s, you probably have no idea what windows 95 means or what it entails. Except you may have done some research on the evolution of the Windows Operating System before now.

Most computer users are used to windows 98, windows 2000 up to the current windows 10. If you have a valid idea as to how windows 95 looked like, here is a video of an Apple Watch operating windows 95.

The video was brought about by Nick Lee who we would say, had enough time in his hands. And of course, that was spectacular of him.

As you may have seen from the video, the User Interface was too small to be termed useful. Although the touchscreen at some point actually worked, we cannot term it as responsive. I mean, for the first few seconds, we could see him struggling to bring out the start menu.

You may have seen the motor that kept touching the crown on the Apple Watch in the video, that is intended to make the screen not turn off so that slow response time could be avoided.

You may be wondering how Nick Lee pulled that off. Well, he basically used a WatchKit app and was able to revise thereby allowing him to install the Bochs x86 emulator. Nick Lee posted some codes on GitHub just in case you intend creating time to experiment on your Apple watch (Do so at your own risk).

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