Even 9-inch Devices Can Now Run Windows 10 Mobile OS

Windows 10 Mobile OS has been around for a while now and so far, the experience has been cool. Thankfully, the OS is now meeting apps requirements as WhatsApp and Instagram tend to be dashing latest updates to the OS quickly. Updates BlackBerry 10 users still can’t have and may never get.

The Redmond, Washington based company has now updated the minimum requirement for it’s windows 10 Mobile OS. Before now, the OS can only be installed on max screen size of 8-inch. Now, even 9-inch devices can run windows 10 Mobile.

windows 10 mobile OS on Lumia phones

Another adjustment that has been put in place regarding the windows 10 Mobile Operating System is that Auto-Flash is now compulsory.

The windows 10 OS (not mobile) also faced some changes. The minimum system requirement for windows 10 OS is now 2GB as against 1GB. Minimum storage is now 16GB for 32-bit OS and 20GB for 64-bit OS.

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