Facebook Will Support 360-degree Photos And Panoramas Soon

The world is advancing, technology is advancing and as such, the technology being imployed on social networks and websites is also advancing.

With 360-degree cameras like the LG’s 360 VR Cam and Samsung Gear 360 coupled with a few others, 360 degree pictures may just be the standard for the feature.

facebook to support 360-degree photos

Currently, most smartphones running Android and iOS, support Panorama shots which allows you take and view photos in almost 360-degree angle.

According to a blog post found on Oculus’ website, Facebook will soon support 360-degree shots and will allow them to be view-able directly from the newsfeed in the following weeks.

Couple of weeks back, Facebook’s Founder, Mark, shared a 360-degree view of the Game Of Thrones intro. In-other to move views, it required using the cursor (if using a computer) in moving from one view to the other. That could also pin point that the support will definitely be rolled out soon. So, wait for it.

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