Google Translate App Update Now Makes Understanding Foreign Languages More Friendly

If there’s one thing Google deserves an award for, it’s being innovative and always striving to improve users experience.

Before now, Google translate app users would have to copy a foreign language text and paste it on the app page or in-other to convert to their preferred language.

Google understands that’s a bit of an hustle (yes, we are lazy like that). And to that effect, the Google Translate app has been updated to include in-app functionality.

google translate app update

What this entails is, you no longer have to toggle between what you are doing and the translate app in-other to translate words. All you need to do is highlight the text you want to translate, tap the copy button and the translate icon automatically appears. Tap on the translate icon and it will automatically translate the copied text to your preferred language.

Below is a quick illustration as to how the new feature works:

how google translate app in-app feature works

Of course, you first need to update the Google Translate app to it’s latest version. Thereafter, choose to turn on the in-app feature.

The translate icon doesn’t only display on apps, it can display even on the android’s default browser.

The app also has an offline version. When selecting your preferred language options, you’d get the option of whether to download the offline version or not. The offline version basically allows you translate words without internet connection.

Unfortunately, the Google translate offline version isn’t currently available for Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa. The in-app translate feature, however, still works with internet connection.

Thanks to the new Google translate app and it’s newly included in-app support, I won’t be stressed anymore by those Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and other language speaking texters.

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