Innjoo Is Set To Launch A New Line Of Smartphones Known As “A Plus”

Finally!!! For the first time in 2016, Innjoo is finally talking on a new smartphone as the brand is set to launch a new line of smartphones known as “A Plus“.

Although I first got a glimpse of the report a few weeks back, there wasn’t some sort of official statement – one way or the other and that’s why I didn’t talk about it here.

innjoo set to launch A Plus

Innjoo Mobile has finally published a video which certifies that the brand is actually working on some new products.

According to the video, the new line of smartphones, known as the A Plus, will be unveiled on the 30th of this month being May, 2016. And the devices will be sold exclusively on Jumia.

No information has been conveyed in regards specs of the device(s). However, going by the 27 second video, it’s safe to say the device(s) will likely sport 5.5-inch with no dashing design we haven’t seen before.

More information on the Innjoo A Plus Series will be communicated as soon as we get them.

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