Skype 7.0 Update For Tablets Running Android OS Brings A Revamped Experience

One of the world’s famous video calling app, Skype, just received an update for android tablets and the update tend to bring about a revamped experience.

Skype 7.0 update which was rolled over a few days back, brings in a whole new change in Users Interface for tablets thereby bringing about a whole new experience.

Skype 7.0 update for android tablets

Tablet users running android OS and rocking the new Skype 7.0 other than the new design, gets a new set of features. The version 7.0 adds a floating action button (FAB) to the app which allows users to quickly engage in a conversation. Either a message, voice call or a video call, conversations can be ignited just by using the FAB.

Microsoft’s universal search was also introduced in the new update as users can quickly find contacts, chats and groups by typing into the search bar. This feature will come in handy for basically users who’s got a handful of contacts.

Another cool change in the Skype 7.0 update is the new multitasking system. While engaged in a call, flipping the tablet to landscape orientation gives room for you to check the latest conversations and send files while the call is still active.

The Skype 7.0 update for tablets running android OS is currently available on the play store. If you are yet to update, simply use the play store app and enjoy the whole new experience Skype 7.0 brings to the table.

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