These Are The Smartphones Innjoo Is Launching This Season

Couple of days back, news had it that Innjoo was launching a new series of smartphones known as A Plus. We also reported a video where the brand teased the smartphones with an ‘A Plus’ tag.

Unfortunately, Innjoo isn’t launching any new series of smartphones referred to as A Plus. Maybe not yet. Instead, the brand is launching successors to it’s previous smartphones.

innjoo new line of phones

On the 31st of May, Innjoo will be launching the Halo Plus, Fire2 Plus and the Fire2. Although all devices were unveiled at a tech bloggers round-table meeting held a few days back, they will be available to the public starting 31st of May.

The Innjoo Fire2 plus is innjoo’s first 4G LTE smartphone to be unveiled in Nigeria. Considering the fact that telecommunication companies in Nigeria are going the 4G LTE route, the Innjoo fire2 could be a cool choice.

To see more detailed specs sheet of the Innjoo Halo Plus, Fire2 Plus and Fire2, please visit our Phones specification section.

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