Upgrade Your PC To Windows 10 Now Or Pay $119 (N36,295) Starting July 30th

In a bid to having more windows PC user upgrading to windows 10, Microsoft is saying it’d begin charging $119 (around N36,295 in Naira) for upgrades starting July 30th.

Windows 10 was officially rolled out last year and in about a month after launching, over 75million users were said to have upgraded to the new OS.

upgrade PC to windows 10

Although it is being reported that currently, over 300 million users are rocking windows 10 OS on your PC, Microsoft aims to attain a billion users within the next 2 or 3 years. And in other to reach that milestone faster, Microsoft is saying free upgrade periods are almost over.

You can actually choose to upgrade your PC running windows 7 or 8 to windows 10 now or before July 29th as Microsoft says the $119 bill will begin effect from the 30th of July.

If for any reason, you still haven’t seen the notification on your windows 7 or 8 taskbar asking you to upgrade to windows 10, we have a step by step guide which should guide you through force downloading and installing the new windows 10 Operating System on your PC.

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