WhatsApp Currently Banned In Brazil For 72 Hours

WhatsApp, tagged as the most popular messaging app, is currently facing a 72 hour ban in Brazil.

Whatsapp banned in brazil for 72 hours

This isn’t the first time the application will be banned in the country. Sometime in December last year, the messaging app was banned in Brazil for 48 hours. Reason was because WhatsApp failed to provide the courts in the country with information relating to an alleged drug dealer. However, the ban was lifted before the 48 hours elapsed.

The reason for the current ban is said to be as a result of the company not being able to turn over conversations related to a drug case. It will be recalled that WhatsApp recently turned on end-to-end encryption security and in a statement announcing the new feature, it was clearly indicated that even WhatsApp won’t be able to read users conversations.

The Judge issued the ban by asking the country’s telecom companies to prevent the app from working.

WhatsApp being currently banned in Brazil is a good news to the telecom companies operating in the country as the app is said to be popular in Brazil. While the app is currently used by over 100 million people, many tend to use WhatsApp to make local phone calls in other to bypass the local phone companies and their high tariff rates.

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