WhatsApp Now Has A Desktop App For Windows and Mac But It’s Nothing

After months of anticipation, WhatsApp has finally launched it’s desktop app for windows and Mac and honestly, in my opinion, it brought about nothing.

The WhatsApp Desktop app works same way as the WhatsApp web feature that’s been available for over a year now. I honestly can’t spot any difference yet.

The WhatsApp desktop app in my opinion, is basically for people who feel too lazy to just type web.WhatsApp.com in their browser while surfing.

whatsapp desktop app for windows

Just as the WhatsApp web feature, you will need to scan the QR code via the use of your phone. You also need your phone to be turned on and internet connection enabled on both phone and computer before you can send and receive messages. Basically, you still need your phone before you can use the WhatsApp app for desktop.

Windows users would need to be running windows 8 or above before they can use the WhatsApp app for desktop. Mac users would need to be running Mac OS 10.9 or higher.

Download WhatsApp Desktop App Here
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