You Will Be Able To Watch The UEFA Champions League Finals Live On YouTube

Football lovers, here’s good news for you. Although it’s already a known fact that football matches can be streamed using some services, this is actually more.

In a new report by BBC, this season’s UEFA Champions League and Europe League finals will be broadcast live on YouTube. That means, you can watch the match live as it happens instead of highlights.

champions league final match

Broadcaster BT Sport was granted rights to the competition matches and will therefore, be airing both games on YouTube via it’s channel.

The Europa League final is slated for Wednesday 18th may, while the Champions League finals is slated for Saturday 28th may, 2016.

So, football lovers, brace up, arrange your data well because live steaming in full HD quality won’t cost you little data o. For a match of 90 minutes or more, you may have to stuck up your data balance wella to avoid being disconnected at the interesting part of the match.

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