Xiaomi Unveils It’s First Customer Drone – Mi Drone

Xiaomi, the popular Chinese company that’s known for producing smartphones isn’t just producing smartphones. The company seem to have it’s hands on ‘almost’ everything that involves technology.

Xiaomi just unveiled it’s first customer drone and it’s referred to as the Mi-Drone.

Xiaomi Mi-Drone

At first sight, the Mi-drone isn’t much different from the regular quadcopter we have often seen on the internet. However, it comes with some nice features.

The Mi-Drone features a fully-rotable 4K camera and for those who are looking at options, the Mi-Drone also has a cheaper version with a 1080p (FHD) camera. The rotable camera is stabilized on a gimbal and there is a remote with a holder to attach your xiaomi smartphone and use as a viewfinder.

Xiaomi Mi-Drone with phone

Interestingly, the Mi-Drone is quite serviceable and modular as you can detach certain parts of it including the camera module and rotors.

Talking about pricing, the Mi-Drone as earlier stated, will come in two variants. The Mi-Drone with 4K video will retail at $460 while the 1080p camera veraion will retail at $399. Both versions comes with a 5100mAh battery capacity.

Availability? Just as we often known with Xiaomi devices, the Mi-Drone will be available in China first before making it’s way to other countries.

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