Android and iOS Users In Africa Can Now Engage In BBM Video Calls

Sometime in April, Blackberry rolled out Video Calling for Android users (a feature that was exclusively to blackberry users). However, blackberry stated that the feature was in beta stage and was only available to users in Canada and US.

Thankfully, the BBM video Calling is now live in Africa and Europe and it’s available on both Android and iOS platforms. A worldwide availability is set for July.

bbm video call for android and iOS

Blackberry also particularly stated that the BBM video call feature can only work on devices running Android 4.4 KitKat upwards and iOS 8 upwards.

Additionally, video calling from a Blackberry phone to an Android device or iOS device wouldn’t work and would instead, be converted to voice calls. Likewise Android and iOS users cannot initiate BBM video calling to a Blackberry user.

Android users can initiate BBM video calls to Android and iOS users and iOS users can also initiate BBM video calls to iOS and Android users.

Asus phones and every other device powered by an Intel processor are currently not supported. Therefore, such smartphones cannot use the BBM video call service. At least, for now.

Android and iOS users who intend using the Blackberry Messenger’s (BBM) Video calling service need not update in other to have the service on board. Owing to the fact that it is a server-side kinda update, the video call option should automatically be available to both platform users.

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