This Case Allows You Run Android OS On Your iPhone…Sort Of

Remember Nick Lee? The guy who was able to run windows 98 OS on the Apple watch? He is here with another fascinating inventory. Something you probably won’t try anytime soon.

While Apple has continually been stingy with it’s OS, some OEMs have continually produced iPhones running on Android Operating system. Wondering how true that is? Ask those Chinese brothers and Sister who have taken bride in producing cloned smartphones.

Nick Lee basically built a custom 3D-printed enclosure acting as an iPhone case. Inside this printed iPhone case, Lee embedded a circuit board which does all the heavy lifting and is running on a special version of Android Marshmallow.

Running android on iPhone

Lee therefore launches an iOS app and thereafter, plugs in the lightening connector from the iPhone case to the phone. This triggers a communication between the circuit board and the iOS app thereby bringing about the Android interface on the iPhone screen.

Technically, the iPhone isn’t running android (the end video proves that). It just allows the user to interact with the phone via both connections which is almost sort of running android even though it’s really not.

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