China Already Has The First iPhone 7, Clone Actually

Apple is still months away from launching the much anticipated iPhone 7 smartphone and guess what, China already has the first cloned iPhone 7 available.

If you are a mobile enthusiast, you are probably aware of the fact that China is well known for producing clone version of popular brand smartphones. Most often at times, they even launch a smartphone with the apple design before apple even launches the phone.

These kinda smartphones are sold to non-suspecting individuals and are often at times, marketed as originals by third party sellers. Few years back, when I was still a bit naive to smartphones, I fell prey to such gimmicks and that’s how much it’s sorta hard to differentiate the original from the cloned.

Anyway, while Apple is yet to launch the iPhone 7, an OEM has already launched a cloned version and from the looks, it tend to be in direction of what is believed to be the iPhone 7 plus or pro design.

cloned iPhone 7 available in china

The smartphone is available in the much craved rose gold color and even proudly bears the sticker “Designed by TAIWAN Made in CHINA”. Since it states ‘Designed by Taiwan’ instead of ‘Designed in Taiwan’, i am guessing it took the whole state of TAIWAN to produce the cloned iPhone 7.

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