The Final Name For Android ‘N’ Will Be Announced By Google In A Few Weeks

Google officially released the Android N Developer preview sometime in March and since then, people have been wondering what Google will call the N this time.

Couple of weeks back, Google put up a webpage asking android users, or just anybody to submit name ideas for the Android ‘N’. Although it’s not clear if Google will be going by the suggestions received from the public or from those in-house, what’s clear is that the wait for the full name of Android ‘N’ will soon be over.

names for Google android N OS

If you have been an android follower over the last couple of years, you probably would have realized that Google usually code-name it’s OS versions after sweet foods and snacks.

Sight for example, Android 4.4+ was code-named KitKat, Android 5.0+ was code-named Lollipop, Android 6.0+ was code-named Marshmallow and maybe, Android 7.0+ could be code-named Nutella, Nougat, Neyyappam or any other sweet food’s name that starts with an N.

As earlier stated, the wait will soon be over as Google, via it’s Android twitter handle, has announced that the Name for Android N will be revealed in a few weeks.

P.S: We are not quite certain what Google means by ‘few weeks’. Few weeks could be within this month or perhaps, next month. What’s important is, the name will soon be unveiled.

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