Instagram Will Be Getting A Translate Button In The Coming Month

Over the past couple of years, instagram has emerged as one of the most popular photo sharing apps. The fact that the app just reached a new milestone of 500 million subscribers and 300 million daily visits, gives it a new edge.

With those numbers and owing to the number of languages you can probably think of, being able to have other languages translated to something you can understand, sounds as a welcomed idea.

Instagram traslate option coming soon

Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, already has the translate button in place and that’s not new. Hence, the fact that Instagram will be getting same juice didn’t come as a surprise as we knew it was only gonna take a matter of time.

Instagram, via it’s instagram page, specifically stated that in the coming month, uses will see a translation button on feed stories and profile bios written in a language you can’t understand. So, wait for it.

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