Modular Smartphones Could Be The Phones Of The Future

Technology is advancing and as such, we are graced with new innovations as to what smartphones has to offer.

From being able to take just blurry images on phones to being able to shoot even 4k videos using smartphones, we can proudly say the future of smartphones is bright.

Taking about the future of smartphones, what do you think of modular smartphones? Modular smartphones?? Not to worry, I will explain further.

project ara modular smartphone


According to the dictionary, modular means ‘Composed of software or hardware modules that can be altered or replaced without affecting the remainder of the system‘.

Relating that to smartphones, modular smartphones are basically phones designed to have it’s parts interchanged easily without affecting other components.

Sight for example, if using a modular smartphone sporting a 12 megapixels camera and you feel the need to upgrade it to a 16 megapixels camera, that can easily be done without affecting other component of the device and No, you won’t be needing a phone engineer to get that done.

Speaking of Modular smartphones, Project Ara comes to mind. The project Ara was set up by Google and aims to make smartphones that can have most of it’s components replaced and upgraded just as if it were a PC. But Project Ara is still stuck at it’s development stage. Hopefully, we’d see the light of it in the nearest future.

More on Modular smartphones, the LG G5 is the first ‘sorta’ modular smartphone to debut in 2016. Although not a fully modular smartphone, a part of it’s component can be fully and easily interchanged without affecting other components or having to fully open the phone.

Some designers have dived into the concept of modular smartphones and have thus, started making 3D renders of what they believe modular smartphones will look like in terms of design and outward functionality.

One of such designers is Hege who has created it’s own imaginary design for modular smartphones and has even named it THOR.

Below are Hege’s concepts of what a modular smartphone would likely be presented as alongside it’s interchangeable parts.

THOR concept modular phone THOR-concept-modular-phone4 THOR-concept-modular-phone5 THOR-concept-modular-phone THOR-concept-modular-phone2

While the concept of modular smartphones looks and sounds rather ravishing, the only major set-back would be with leading OEMs who would rather prefer launching new smartphones every fall so more money can be made instead of just producing parts their modular smartphones.

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