Official SnapChat App Might Be Making It’s Way To Windows Smartphones Soon

Although Snapchat officially announced in 2015 that it was working on an official app for windows phones, we didn’t see the app on the windows store even till this very day. Snapchat coming to windows phoneAlthough some third party SnapChat apps made it’s way to the platform, complaints were filed by SnapChat and thus, they were removed from the windows store.

Thankfully, news has it that the app is coming to windows smartphones soon. This was disclosed on twitter via Spanish lumia support handle.

Basically, a user asked why he cannot install snapchat on his windows smartphone and the Spanish lumia support replied thus:

It will be coming soon to your windows phone! We are already working with our friends at snapchat to launch it as soon as possible.



Please note that this information was shared via twitter and not the official Microsoft blog. Hence, you may want to absorb the information with a pinch of salt. However, windows phone users being able to use the official SnapChat app soon isn’t far fetched.

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