WhatsApp Now Allows You Quote and Reply Sent / Received Messages

The developers at WhatsApp must really have quite enough work on their table. I mean, over the last few weeks, we’ve been graced with new features almost every week on the platform.

While we are still anticipating the GIFs support to be provided on board, the mobile messaging app has launched the ability to quote and reply sent/received messages.

If you are a BBM user, the quote feature shouldn’t be new to you. Quote feature has been on BBM for quite a long while now and thankfully, WhatsApp now has it on board too.

The quote function basically comes in handy for conversations that needs to be referenced with new replies. Sight for example, you are having a conversation with someone via WhatsApp and you need to remind the person of a past message, you can simply quote that message and give a flesh response.

A pictured example is shown below:

testing whatsapp quote feature

This feature is currently available to Android and iOS users. Unfortunately, blackberry 10 users are currently left out. Maybe soon, the feature will be rolled over to the OS same way being able to bold, italic and strike-through texts on WhatsApp was delayed on the BB10 platform which is now available therein.

To rock the new feature allowing you to quote and reply already sent or received messages, you need to be running the latest version of WhatsApp.

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