Airtel replaces unlimited hourly data plans with 500MB for N25 and more

Just when we though glo was taking over, Airtel has come up to prove its worthiness and not only that, to prove they still offer affordable data plans for less.

Airtel’s unlimited night browsing has been around for quite some time now. As a matter of fact, it’s been the go-to data plan for heavy downloaders as Airtel offered 1hr unlimited browsing for N100 and 2 hrs unlimited browsing for N200.

airtel n25 for 500mb data plan

While that rocked for sometime, Airtel has decided to discontinue the plan and has replaced it with something similar to what we have on another telecommunication network.

Airtel has replaced the unlimited hourly night plan with data caps. With N25, you get N500MB and with N50, you get 1.5GB. Unfortunately, these plans can only be used at night. Precisely from 12:00am to 5:00am. This is similar to MTN’s night plan which offers 500MB for N25.

How To Subscribe to Airtel’s N25 for 500MB and N50 for 1.5GB plan

If this plan catches your fantasy, you can subscribe by first migrating to Airtel SmartTrybe plan. To migrate, simply dial *312# then reply with 1.

After migration is successful, dial *312# and follow the onscreen instruction to subscribe to your preferred plan.

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