Facebook’s Messenger reaches 1 billion monthly users milestone

Facebook has come up to announce that it’s Messenger’s app has reached the 1 billion monthly users milestone.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as over a billion users use Facebook monthly, and most users are forced to having the messenger app on their smartphone or tablets before being able to communicate effectively with the chat feature.

messenger 1 billion users

Facebook’s third party app, whatsapp, a few months back, crossed the 1 billion monthly users milestone. So, Messenger reaching same milestone wasn’t really much of a surprise.

I mean, the messenger app, over the years, have been equipped with a whole lot of features. From being able to engage in calls to being able to engage in video calls. More so, users are able to play games, send GIFs and a host of others using the app.

The app also resurrected the SMS feature a few weeks back on android platform thus giving users the option of using the messenger app as the SMS default app.

In thanking users, Facebook shared a video thereby giving details of how active users are on the platform. You can check out the video via FB’s newsroom.

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