Google Keyboard for Android gets the colorful themes treatment

Google’s Android keyboard which has solely comprised of two themes; ‘Material dark’ and ‘Material light’, has finally received different color themes treatment.

The new update that just hit the play store, brings about series of color options for the keyboard app. Users can now beautify their keyboard experience with colors in shades of red, blue, green, pink, and well……, more black and grey options (you didn’t expect Google to let those go just like that).

google keyboard for android gets color options

Although the keyword color options are available to Android N preview users by default, it’s actually interesting to have the same features on Android operating system that are currently in vogue. Hence, you don’t have to wait to use Android N before being able to enjoy all color options Google keyboard has to offer.

If you’d like to customize the Google keyboard for Android experience any further than the color options, you can choose to use an image from your gallery which will be placed behind the keys.

To get the new color options including the option to use customized images as your Google keyboard skin, be sure to update the app from play store.

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