Huawei Honor 5x receives Marshmallow update with EMUI 4.0

Finally, the Huawei Honor 5x smartphone is receiving Android marshmallow update and on top of the update, is a heavily customized EMUI version.

huawei honor 5x gets marshmallow OS

The EMUI UI just got a revamp thus bringing it to version 4.0. Of course, the marshmallow OS packed on the smartphone brings about all of the popular features you are probably aware of. Likes of Now on Tap, Doze mode and a few others.

In terms of the new EMUI version, as expected, new features have been brought in place. A new motion control which allows users launch different apps and perform some actions while the display is off has been brought to place. A personalized navigation bar with notification drop down shortcut has also been brought to the table followed by a few others.

If you use the Huawei honor 5x and you haven’t received the marshmallow update yet, you can force it by navigating to settings > update. If you find the update present, you can go ahead and update. Of course, you need a stable internet connection to force and download the new OS update.

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  • Bro, you have any idea where I can get this device at the cheapest price?

    Been planning on buying it for a while but the prices I’ve been seeing are not encouraging

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