MTN WowWeekend Data Bonus Plan is offering 17.5GB for N2000

It’s weekend again and MTN wants to bless you with enough data plans to last you through the week conveniently courtesy of it’s wooweekend data bonus. If you are a heavy downloader or you consume alot of data during the weekend, this data plans should come in handy.

mtn wooweekend data plans

MTN is offering bonuses up to 17.5GB when you subscribe to any of their data plans up to 3.5GB for N2000. The data plans eligible for the MTN wowweekend bonus includes:

  • Special offer! Buy 100MB for N200 and get 500MB Free data Dial *131*113#
  • Buy 750MB for N500 and get free 3.75GB free data dial *131*103#
  • Buy 1.5GB for N1000 and get 7.5GB Free data. Dial *131*106#
  • Buy 3.5GB for N2000 and get 17.5GB free data. Dial *131*110#

What is the validity period for the MTN WowWeekend Data Bonus?

As you already could tell from the name given to the bonus, all bonus data expires on sunday by 11:59pm. However, you still get the usual 30 day validity on the normal data plans.

How to check bonus data balance

If you already subscribed to any of the plans above and you’d like to check how much bonus data you have left, simply dial *131*4#.

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  • Thiss is cool. I am currently rocking the free. 1gb after I recharged @750 on my line.
    However, the browsing speed isn’t cool. I guess it is perhaps there are too many people rocking the boat.

  • How I wish Glo NG’s network coverage is awesome at my side here. I would have subscribed for 10gb at the rate of #2,500.
    What baffles me is the speed of Glo is manageable using modem but SO POOR while using it on phone.

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