Opera Mini now allows you download videos directly from websites for offline viewing

Opera mini, is no doubt, one of the most popular mobile browser across all mobile platforms. The browser packs a lot of features and one basic reason why users opt in for Opera mini, is because of it’s speed when loading pages.

Despite the features packed on the app and it’s popularity, the app lacked something vital in today’s world. And that’s being able to easily download videos from websites for offline viewing.

Opera-Mini support video downloads from websites

Thankfully, the latest Opera mini update brings about being able to easily download videos from top video and social media websites.

The new video download feature for later viewing works on video websites without built-in media players. It works on Facebook, IMDB and a few others but unfortunately, doesn’t work on YouTube.

How To Download Videos On Opera Mini For Offline Viewing

As earlier said, this feature only works on video sharing sites without built-in media players. To get going, follow the instructions below:

  • Hit the play button on the video and the download window then shows up
  • Choose the folder you want to save the video in and tap the download option.

There you go. Doing so allows you watch the downloaded video on a later date. Remember you need to be running the latest version of Opera mini.

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