The Pepsi P1S features 4G LTE Network, Fingerprint scanner and goes for $99

If you usually have your ears to the ground concerning phones, you should be aware by now that Pepsi, the beverage company, is now in the mobile business.

Pepsi P1S 4G Phablet design

The Pepsi P1S isn’t the first smartphone from the company. The Pepsi P1 was launched sometime last year in China and was priced around $110.

The company has now launched a senior brother to the P1 known as the P1S and it is currently on pre-order.

Pepsi P1S 4G Phablet specs

Looking through the specs, the new Pepsi smartphone, just as its predecessor, is a mid-range smartphone with cool specs. The phablet is currently on pre-order and can be pre-ordered at a price of $98.99. You should however, note that the smartphone will be available in August and by then, you should expect a price increase.

Pepsi P1S Full Phone Specification and Price

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