Pokemon Go and Snapchat might be coming to windows phones soon

Pokemon Go, by now, needs no formal introduction. Snapchat on the other hand, isn’t an exception as both apps are household names. The basic difference between both is the fact that, one is an app and the other is a game. You should know which is which. If you don’t, take it as classwork :-D.

snapchat for windows phone

In the mobile world, apps is what actually builds an operating system. Android and iOS are the most popular Operating systems and this is because apps are readily available on both platforms.

Blackberry and windows are supposed to be major contenders but they are losing grounds due to the fact that apps are not readily available (at least, not as it used to).

While Blackberry is losing more grounds owing to the fact that facebook and whatsapp are both backing out on the platform (soon), windows is trying to stay relevant and thus, sources has it that engineers at Microsoft are working towards having snapchat and Pokemon Go on the platform. Of course, this isn’t the first time such news is being reported. Hence, you probably should take this as a re-confirmation.

Microsoft Engineer, Mark S responded to a few snapchat request saying that the windows store is looking into options to bring the app to windows phone. Same applies to Pokemon Go as stated by a Microsoft engineer.

snapchat windows 10 mobile feedback

Despite these confirmations, you shouldn’t raise your hopes too high as there isn’t any ‘official’ announcement from Microsoft neither is there a specific date regarding when these claims will be met.

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