Prisma for Android and iOS allows you turn pictures into ArtWorks

After Prisma’s first debut on iOS, the app which allows you turn pictures into artworks, have been receiving a lot of recommendation and recognition.

prisma artwork

The app is also now available on Android and it even recently got updated with the ability to automatically save edited pictures to the phone’s gallery. Before the update, users could only share or save to Google Drive.

convert pictures to artwork

See it this way, the current trending game is Pokemon Go while the current app is Prisma.

Interestingly, there are quite a handful of preset artworks you can turn your picture(s) into. You also also reduce the density of the applied artwork which in my opinion, gives you the ability to customize the artwork to a certain level.

picture converted to artwork using prisma app

Unfortunately, applying artworks solely depends on your network speed, and for a app that popular, you can expect some server issues which could mean, more processing time.

The app sure works well out of the box. All of the pictures you can see above were achieved using the Prisma app. The only downside however, will be the need of a steady internet connection when applying artwork filters.

You can download Prisma for Android here or iOS here.

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