Twitter increases GIF upload size up to 15MB

Twitter, despite introducing GIF support on it’s platform a few months back, has made some adjustments to the allowed upload size. Although this sounds welcoming, there is actually a twist. Not much, just a little one.

twitter increase gif upload size

Yes. I can understand you already read 15MB in the title and there’s no need repeating that right? Well, there’s more to the size.

While PC users accessing the web version which is can upload GIFs with size up to 15MB, mobile users can only upload GIFs with sizes not more than 5MB. Quite disappointing right? Sorry. But that’s been the usual maximum upload size of pictures and GIFs on the mobile platform. Hence, it’s safe to say nothing changed in that regards.

Another interesting thing is that, twitter decided to keep this development quiet. No formal announcement was made even though an adjustment was made to the social media’s photo FAQ. Instead, the new development was discovered by avid twitter users and those who I would say, like to troll on the social network.

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